You don’t know me

I’ve failed as a blogger again, but this time I’ve had a better excuse. I had surgery last month and I’ve been recovering, watching old westerns like "The Virginian" (I never knew there was a 90-minute TV show! I was too little to realize this when the show was in its first run.) and of course, watching my favorite old TV show, "The Waltons." I considered putting details of my surgery on my other blog, and maybe someday I will. This week I’m back to working. Monday I was in MRI, Tuesday I was off, Wednesday I was on my feet in TEE, and today I spent the day on my butt scheduling.
For those who are new to country music, this song was written by the prolific and amazing songwriter Cindy Walker and the song was first recorded by Eddy Arnold, one of country music’s most superior crooners. It was also recorded by Jerry Vale, Ray Charles, Emmylou Harris, Diana Krall, Bob Dylan, and some dude from Memphis named Elvis Presley. Many others have recorded it as well.
The reason I chose this song title for my blog today (and yesterday, when I started this post) is that I thought it while riding the Relax-and-Ride bus back to the little town 15 miles along the commute. It’s nice to not have to ride the brakes for 35 miles each way. Most of the worst traffic is in the 20 miles the bus drives me. I love it. I got my exercise today. I had to run to catch the bus! Thank God for a sweet young lady whose accent made me think she might be African. She ran and flagged her down for me. I’ll remember that next time I ride the early bus.
I love Nashville, I think that’s obvious. I hate Nashville traffic, and I always have. It’s never been nice during rush hour, but now we have what you’d imagine after 5 or so years of 30,000 new residents a year. Some people call it the "It City." Well, I don’t recognize this place. I’m sure Hank wouldn’t either. Everywhere you turn, there’s a hole in the ground where a historic building used to be. The joke is that the state bird is the "crane." (It’s really the mockingbird. And I’m angry with my autocorrect for putting up "mockingjay" instead. NOT REAL.)
Why isn’t my picture of a building and crane coming up here? I guess I’ll have to do that later. I’ve seen 3 in the last half-mile. They even get decorated for Christmas around here. Nashville is growing and changing. And it costs a fortune to live closer to Nashvegas than I do. Someone in the Franklin office asked if I wanted to work full time. That office is nice - I’d have a hard time turning it down, except for one thing - I don’t really want to drive 100 miles a day. I already drive 70 or so. While I’d make a little selling my house, it’d be hard to find one in my price range closer to halfway between my job and Randy’s.
You don’t know me, Nashville... and in many ways, I don’t know you either.


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