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My Maserati does 185.

Name that tune! My Pontiac might, but I don't want to lose my license because I need to drive. I feel like I have already failed as a blogger because I go months without blogging. I spend a lot of time by myself, mostly in the car but sometimes at home too. I often think of things I want to write about, history of country music, Nashville's, and my own. When I'm home and I could be writing, I lie in the loveseat recliner and play "Word Wipe" and eat sugar-free popsicles until I find myself running to the bathroom. I'm really not a total waste of protoplasm. Most weeks, I work three to five days at a major medical center about 35 miles from home. I'm a PRN, or "as needed" employee. Since I have a lot of roles within the medical center and specifically the heart institute, I'm needed a lot. Officially, I'm a nuclear medicine/PET technologist. I've never worked in "PET", though I have worked on a nuclear camera capable of