Yesterday, when I was young...

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This was my original post, titled Can't thank Greyhound for this one:
Roy Clark has passed away. I really can't write about this now, but look at the site in the next day or so for more info.
Today's post:

Yesterday, Roy Linwood Clark, beloved host of Hee Haw and member of the Grand Ole Opry, passed away at his Tulsa, OK home at age 85 of complications from pneumonia.

Roy was born April 15, 1933 in Meherrin, VA into a musical family.  He often brought his family to the show as musical guests.  Music came naturally to Roy, who was a guitar virtuoso, a banjo legend, a fine fiddler and even played the mandolin.  He was married to Barbara for 61 years.  Growing up, he performed with his family and made a name for himself playing for Jimmy Dean and Wanda Jackson.  He appeared on the Tonight Show several times. He was a recurring guest on The Beverly Hillbillies before being selected by Hee Haw's producers to host the long-running show. He was honored in 2009 to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Yesterday, when I was young, immediately I felt horrible because I have been the Webmistress of the Hee Haw Tribute Page for 17 years and I never met Roy and honestly, I don't remember ever having any contact with him.  I thought he was extremely talented and hilarious, but I never contacted him. Maybe I was a bit intimidated, my website being just a hobby and poorly maintained.  After Earl Hamner, Jr. passed away a couple of years ago, I swore I'd never do that again.  But I did, I let someone who still influences me slip away without even saying thank you for sharing your immense gifts with the world.

The closing song with a few words changed to reflect my feelings: "We loved the time we spent with you, to share a song and a laugh or two.  Hope your pleasures were many, trouble's in the rear view, so long everybody! We'll see you sometime in the eternity!"


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