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Country is...

Y'all been watching that Country Music documentary on PBS? That's Channel 8 for all y'all in the Nashville viewing area. It's phenomenal. No. The history of country music isn't always pretty and you can't possibly get everybody who deserves attention into a documentary mini-series. I LOVE country music history (like, DUH) so I've been soaking it up. It's kind of dove-tailing with another new passion of mine, bluegrass. I've liked bluegrass a long time, but last weekend we went to Beanblossom, Indiana to Uncle Pen Days at the Bill Monroe Music Park. Wow! I have found my self!!! Yes, I meant my self and not so much myself. I guess it could also be said that I found my calling. I've been educating people about the Grand Ole Opry all my life, showing pictures and telling Granny Ione's neighbors all about the Solemn Old Judge when I wasn't very old... 5 or 6 maybe. I remember thinking, these kids are really bored with this, I can't belie